Preventive Care

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Does My Plan Cover Preventive Care?

Preventive services can be so important in helping you stay healthy that Medicare pays for many of them. Preventive care can find health problems early, when treatment works best. It can even keep you from getting certain diseases.  
Preventive care includes exams, shots, lab tests and screenings. It also includes programs for monitoring your health, and for counseling and education so you can take care of your own health.
CHOICE urges you to see your doctor and get any tests or screenings the doctor recommends.
All five VNSNY CHOICE Medicare Advantage plans offer the following Medicare-covered preventive services to help you stay healthy:
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
  • Bone Mass Measurement
  • Cardiovascular Screenings
  • Cervical and Vaginal Cancer Screening (Pap Test and Pelvic Exam)
  • Colon Cancer Screening (Colorectal)
  • Diabetes Screenings
  • Diabetes Self-Management Training
  • EKG Screening
  • Flu Shots
  • Glaucoma Tests
  • HIV Screening
  • Hepatitis B Shots
  • Breast Cancer Screening (Mammograms)
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy Services
  • Pneumococcal Shot
  • Prostate Cancer Screenings
  • Smoking Cessation (counseling to stop smoking)
  • Welcome to Medicare and Annual Wellness Visit
Please note that some of our plans require co-payments for certain services. To find out about the covered benefits available under each plan option, please review the Summary of Benefits for your plan.
The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information, contact the plan.
VNSNY CHOICE Medicare is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in VNSNY CHOICE Medicare depends on contract renewal.
This is a Medicare-related page; some of the links will take you to non-Medicare information or to a different website. 

This information is not a complete description of benefits. Contact the plan for more information.

Limitations, co-payments, and restrictions may apply. Benefits, premiums and/or co-payments/co-insurance may change on January 1 of each year. Some plans are available to anyone who has both Medical Assistance from the State and Medicare. Premium, co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles may vary based on the level of Extra Help you receive. Please contact the plan for further details. 

Last updated 10/1/2017

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