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I Have A Question About Transportation to Medical Appointments

Does my plan cover rides to and from medical appointments?
Transportation to medical appointments for VNSNY CHOICE SelectHealth members is covered by Medicaid.
How can I arrange transportation to a doctor appointment?
CHOICE SelectHealth members arrange transportation through Logisticare, an agency that has a contract with New York State Department of Health to manage non-emergency transportation services covered by Medicaid. To arrange your transportation, contact Logisticare directly at 877-564-5922 or visit
When you call you will need:
  • Your Medicaid ID number (this is the ID listed on your Medicaid card formatted as 2 letters, 5 numbers, 1 letter – like XX12345X)
  • The name, address, zip code and telephone number of your medical practitioner 
  • The street address and the telephone number where you want to be picked up
  • The date and time of your appointment, any special needs you have and the general reason for the appointment (doctor visit, check-up, eye appointment, etc.)
You, a caregiver or your provider can arrange for transportation.
How Can I Get a Metrocard for Transportation to Medical Appointments?
The Medicaid program has a relationship with a number of New York City medical facilities and practitioners in which these medical providers will give a roundtrip MetroCard to their Medicaid patients at the time of the appointment to cover their travel costs to and from the appointment. 
If you want to receive a MetroCard to travel to and from your medical appointments, you can get one from any of those facilities listed on
For additional questions about MetroCards for travel to medical appointments, contact Logisticare directly at 877-564-5922.
Last updated 10/1/2016

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